Raspberry Pi 3 Retrogame Handheld WIFI Game Console 32G Game Simulator

Raspberry Pi 3 Retrogame Handheld WIFI Game Console 32G Game Simulator

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What is this:

1. The core:

Raspberry Pi 3 Lite BCM2837.Quad core,1. 2GHz ARM Cortex-A53,IGB RAM,Can't overclock.The following simulator games for NDS can run smoothly,PSP can only play 2D games and a small number of 3D games,Most PSP 3D games will have more serious dropped frames and title map errors.The way to dissipate heat is to use heat sink + turbo fan,to ensure the continuous operation of the system will not overheat.

2. Storage:

External TF card, up to 64GB.

3. Power supply

Use the INJOINIC core power management chip,built-in power path management,support use while charging,support output overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit protection.The maximum output current is 3.1A and the maximum charging current is 2A.Built-in 3850mAh4.35V high voltage lithium battery.After testing, at the maximum screen brightness and sound situation, the NDS simulator life time was 3 hours and 15 minutes.

4. The screen

4.3 inch IPS screen,viewing angle 170* -170,resolution 800x480,RGB (DPI) interface,hardware refresh rate 60Hz,backlight brightness is continuously adjustable.

5. Buttons and joystick

ABXY and cross keys use imported from Japan ALPS pot slice + NDSI same silicone pad.LR button uses Japanese ALPS silicone tact switch.The rocker is the same as the 3DS rocker.Key circuit board and the main circuit board separation, to facilitate post upgrade and maintenance.

6. Case

The outer casing is SLA print molding,Size is 17CM * 7. 4CN * 1. 8CM.

7. Wireless network

Support WIFI network IEEE 802. 11n/b/g,support online via WIFI network.

8. Voice

Output sound using a separate USB sound card chip,(non-PWM audio output),support speaker and headset automatic switching.

9. Software system

Transplant the latest version of Retropie4. 4 system,support GB GBC GBA NDS PSP FC SFC MD PS1 arcade and other simulators.The system has been optimized and set up.

Main points:①Solve the problem of rotating horizontal screen tearing.②Remap button position to support the handle of this unit.③ES front-end game list supports Chinese display.④RetroArch kernel simulator main interface culture(GB GBC GBA FC SFC MD PSI arcade).⑤Drastic simulator and ppsspp simulator installed,optimize settings and remap button locations.

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